Total brand overhaul and operational turnaround

Maroosh, one of Abu Dhabi’s oldest and most popular restaurant chains required a brand overhaul and full operational turnaround after being bought out by a large corporate. The scope of work was to rebrand the “Maroosh” identity and bring it up to date, re-engineer the menu to develop an entirely new menu offering with recipes, SOP’s, lock in supply chain and costing. The scope also included providing HR support to recruit top management and all necessary roles in the restaurant outlets and central kitchen. A full training program was instilled in the outlets and in the CPU, which culminated in the generation of the full range of manuals to run the restaurants. A new IT system was installed and we are working now on a marketing campaign for the newly revamped brand. Additionally, there are two new marquis locations that are in construction phases. We are overseeing the construction, designing the back of the house and restaurant flow and we will be leading the roll out of the new locations.

Our Service

  • Full workforce assessment
  • Full operational assessment
  • Brand overhaul
  • Kitchen and restaurant planning
  • Menu engineering
  • Manuals, SOPs and Checklists
  • IT system selection
  • Recruitment
  • Hands-on training
  • Launch
  • Post-Launch audits

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Frank Clark